The regulations of the Deutscher Behindertensportverband e.V. (German Disabled Sports Federation DBS-NPC) clearly outlaw any type of doping.

The Anti Doping Code of the DBS applies in conjunction with the regulations of the WADA, the IPC, the NADA and – at international competitions – the regulations of the international host federation.

By submitting his or her application as a participant, the athlete acknowledges and accepts the anti-doping regulations in their currently valid version (available online under

Athletes are not allowed to take or carry with them any substances that are included on the WADA Prohibited List. Athletes who are found to have violated this rule shall be held individually responsible for their action.


Athletes who are taking medication from the (most recent) WADA Prohibited List for therapeutic reasons will need a copy of their Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for any generally prohibited substance.


There might be doping controlls during the competition.